Pierce County Finance and Personnel Committee recommends slight budget adjustments

10 Oct 2019

ELLSWORTH -- Pierce County Finance and Personnel Committee sent a unanimous recommendation to the Pierce County Board Oct. 7 to approve three changes to the budget to reflect the state’s maximum operating 2020 tax levy at $16.15 million.

With the county’s equalized valuation increasing from 1.929% from 1.33% in 2018, the sum of the budget requests submitted by departments was $94,242 under the state’s allowable levy limit, according to Administrative Coordinator Jason Matthys and Finance Director Julie Brickner. In September, staff applied shared revenue and personal property aid actuals and realized the final operating levy would convey $90,294 less than the state’s levy.

The state limit increased by $319,244 since 2019.

The committee recommended the funds be applied in three ways:

Additional 0.25% cost of living adjustment to equal 1.5% for non-represented employees and transfer to contingency for a budgeted total of $31,394.

Increase leave liability for a budgeted total of $12,400.

Purchase a veterans transport van for a budgeted total of $46,500.

If Pierce County chose not to spend the $90,294 amount in this recommended budget, the money would be lost over coming years.

A County Board vote for final reading and adoption will take place Nov. 12.

Tax mill rates are going to decrease by 4.55% due to a combination of an increase in equalized value and 1.9% net new construction.

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