Orange Dragon Gallery is a Destination for Local Artists and Patrons

Orange Dragon Gallery is a Destination for Local Artists and Patrons Main Photo

16 Sep 2019

The Orange Dragon Art Gallery in Prescott, Wisconsin, is a tribute to our region’s local artists and the community that supports them. Pierce County is home to many talented artists with the vision to bring unique and interesting concepts to life. Still, without the Orange Dragon, these artists may not have the ability to publicly display their art. 

As a community art gallery, the Orange Dragon was created by local artists and is maintained and staffed by volunteers. A committee of volunteers determines which works to display and they do so without considering many of the factors that can traditionally prohibit artists such as age and prior experience. For up-and-coming artists, the Orange Dragon is the ideal home. 


Outside of special events, the Orange Dragon does not specialize in any one medium. Instead, the displayed art is a representation of the diversity found within the community. Visitors are likely to see paintings, sculpture, glass, jewelry, wood crafting and even greeting cards on display. Everything displayed is hand-crafted by a local artist and a true one-of-a-kind piece. Though they currently only sell in the gallery, they hope to update their web presence to allow online buying in the near future.

Community Support

  “The Orange Dragon is a unique art gallery in that we are a community establishment created by local artists, maintained by local artists and staffed by volunteers. We are wholly owned by the Hastings Prescott Area Art Council (HPAAC) a 501c3 non-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting community arts in all forms,” said Marie Frederick, Orange Dragon Gallery Manager.

There is much support for the Orange Dragon in Pierce County. From the building owners to the Gallery Advisory Committee to sponsors, volunteers and patrons, the gallery is thriving because of community support. “Several members of the community regularly attend opening receptions and shop the gallery for unique handmade gifts. They support our student artists and participate as volunteers and artists at the gallery,” said Marie.


Several local artists have had their share of success after showcasing their works at the Orange Dragon Gallery. All artists are welcome, regardless of age or experience, something that is evident in their annual student show. “We host an annual student art show featuring artwork from the Prescott Middle and High School. We have an annual holiday sing along that invites the community to gather in song. We have had several events/workshops offering everything from hands on instruction, educational information, and tarot readings,” said Marie. This spirit of openness is positive for aspiring artists and for community members who wish to engage with the arts. 
To view local artists, visit the Orange Dragon gallery or click here for a preview of the works being displayed.