Recreational Opportunities Are a Major Draw in Pierce County

Recreational Opportunities Are a Major Draw in Pierce County Main Photo

29 Jul 2019

July is National Park and Recreation Month. It’s a fine opportunity to highlight the many opportunities for people of all ages to get out and play in Pierce County. Locals and visitors alike enjoy the fantastic outdoor recreation opportunities that abound within the county and these activities are one of the reasons people are moving to the area. 

Parks and Recreation Are Essential to a High Quality of Life

In a recent survey by the National Recreation and Park Association, 9 out of 10 survey respondents agreed their community benefits from access to free or low cost fitness and educational opportunities at their local recreation or community center.

Parks and recreation centers bring a great deal of value to our communities. They augment the health, vitality and social fabric of our communities and make them great places to live.

People visit our local parks and recreation centers for a variety of reasons, including exercise, relaxation and entertainment. They provide opportunities to get outside, stay active and socialize with other community members, building a sense of community.

Outdoor Recreation Opportunities in Pierce County

Our region provides numerous ways to get outdoors and connect with nature. Favorite regional activities include:

#1 Fishing in Class One Trout Streams

Enjoy a day of fishing in one of Pierce County’s Class One trout streams. After catching trout, stay at Everts Resort or one of our local campgrounds. 

#2 Visiting Kinnickinnic State Park

Located where the St. Croix and Kinnickinnic rivers meet, Kinnickinnic State Park offers experiences in two types of worlds. Enjoy the quiet and solitude of the Kinnickinnic River Valley and the many popular water-based recreational pursuits on the St. Croix River. A large sandy delta is found at the junction of the rivers.

#3 Hiking and Swimming in Glen Park 

Within River Falls Glen Park, trails connect the White pathway to River Hills Park and the Kinnickinnic River. Here, you will also find a family-friendly pool to relax in on hot summer days, shaded picnic areas and many recreational activities. 

#4 Playing Local Golf Courses

Within Pierce County there are many opportunities to play a round of golf. Try out the local Clifton Highlands Golf Course or the Clifton Hollow Golf Club. 

#5 Camping

Have a trailer, RV or tent? Head to Pierce County to enjoy time in the great outdoors, camping out at Island Camping & Marina, Highland Ridge Campground, Last Resort Campground or Hideaway Campground.

#6 Exploring Crystal Cave

For adventures below ground, or above, head to Crystal Cave where cave tours are offered year round and in the warmer months children can pan for gold, gems and fossils in Prospector’s Creek. 

#7 Boating and Fishing at Lake Pepin

Lake Pepin is a large and beautiful lake providing numerous outdoor activities including boating, fishing and swimming. 

#8 Visiting the Great River Road Visitor & Learning Center

The Center is a hub for community activities, including educational programs and outdoor events. After visiting the Center, explore the Great River Road - one of our nation’s treasures. 

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Pierce County places a priority on parks and green spaces. We have a range of organized recreational activities for youth and adults alike, from municipal pools to kid-friendly camps and sports leagues.

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