Looking forward to 2021 Highway 29 Improvements

17 Jul 2019

Andy Blok, project manager with JT Engineering, Inc. called State Highway 29 to Prescott a "rough ride" at a Prescott Kiwanis meeting June 27 before outlining the roadway improvement project expected to be done in 2021.

Seven inches of concrete will be replaced with the same amount of asphalt for a little over a 5-mile stretch on Highway 29 from U.S. Highway 10 to the south junction of County Road QQ. The project is estimated to cost a little over $5 million, Blok said, with 20% state funded and 80% federally funded.

Highway 29 traffic will be rerouted to highways 10 and 65 during construction in 2021. Courtesy Andy Blok, JT Engineering, Inc.

Other major improvements to the roadway include replacing culverts and guardrails and in some sections, eliminating guardrails. Some guardrails pose as a hazard and the grade can be adjusted to allow for the exclusion of new guardrails.

The footprint of the roadway will not be changed, Blok said, and purchasing property will not be required to complete the project.

During construction, Highway 29 traffic will be detoured via Highway 10 and Highway 65 and everyone will still have access to their private properties. There may be intermittent interruptions for private driveway access, Blok said, but these may last only an hour or so and notification would be given.

Blok explained the process Wisconsin Department of Transportation follows for designing such road improvements. A preliminary design includes agency and utility coordination, public involvement, investigation and reporting and geometric design and documentation. This evolves into a final design and the project is later sent for bids after accommodations are made or adjusted.

DOT is not involved in the construction labor to maintain transparency, Blok said.

The plans, specifications and estimates are scheduled to be completed in May 2020 with construction expected in the spring of 2021.

Further questions about the design and the project may be forwarded to Andyb@jt-engineering.com

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