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A mere handful of banks across the country have had the opportunity to display a century of commitment to their community. Hiawatha National Bank’s history began on January 3, 1896 when the First Bank of Glenwood was created to serve a growing community. Organizers of the bank were D.F. Vail of St. Paul, Minnesota; F.W. Vail of Milnor, North Dakota; and L.V. Babcock of Kansas City, Missouri. Near the turn of the century the picturesque logging town, then called simply "Glenwood," was home to over two-thousand residents.

In 1903 Frank Ainsworth of River Falls purchased the bank which was originally located on First Street, and later that same year he built a new facility at 204 East Oak Street. Warren B. and Beth Oskey, (from the Bay City area) took ownership of the bank in 1965 and changed the bank's name to First National Bank of Glenwood after receiving a national charter.

In 1998, the bank adopted a new name, Hiawatha National Bank based on beautiful Hiawatha Valley where the owners were from. In May 2003 it moved into it’s current location at 220 Oak Street.

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Glen Park

Located in River Falls, Glen Park is home to trails connecting to the White Pathway to the north, River Hills Park to the south and the Kinnickinnic River; a public swimming pool; many large trees; grass and several types of recreational activities.