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Glen Park

Located in River Falls, Glen Park is home to trails connecting to the White Pathway to the north, River Hills Park to the south and the Kinnickinnic River; a public swimming pool; many large trees; grass and several types of recreational activities.


These Are The 5 Brain Skills You’ll Need In The Future Of Work « Back to Search Results

“About 20 years ago, it was seen as really important to be strategic rather than tactical,” says neuroscientist Tara Swart. But advances in her field, combined with the shifting demands of modern employers, have begun to change that. “Now, I think an understanding of the cognitive sciences is going to be the thing that makes people thrive.”

Indeed, as Swart points out, there’s a growing understanding that deeply human capabilities–the skills, including those rooted in emotional intelligence, that aren’t so easily automated–may be rising in value in the future job market. But from a brain-science perspective, she explains, many of those core skills have always been among humans’ most valuable evolutionary assets. “The ‘executive functions’ of the brain are the highestfunctions of the brain,” Swart says, and those include the ability to:

  1. regulate our emotions
  2. suppress our biases
  3. switch between tasks
  4. solve complex problems
  5. think creatively and flexibly

Here’s Swart’s take on why those brain skills are so crucial as the workplace evolves, and what it takes to optimize them.

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