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Glen Park

Located in River Falls, Glen Park is home to trails connecting to the White Pathway to the north, River Hills Park to the south and the Kinnickinnic River; a public swimming pool; many large trees; grass and several types of recreational activities.


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There is a lot of work available in Prescott, Ellsworth, and Pierce County as a whole. What’s lacking is enough skilled workers to fill these positions. The Pierce County Economic Development Corporation in combination with local business, political and faith leaders are working together to fill the gap.

This program would create opportunities for unemployed workers in the Twin Cities to find employment in Pierce County. Training, interview coaching, and transportation would be provided, along with emotional and spiritual support. The goal is to help people find meaningful work while assisting local businesses in recruiting key talent. This community project is a joint effort that can be beneficial for families, our local communities, and businesses. We are basing it on the Joseph Project and encourage you to get involved. Learn more here, http://ow.ly/qL4v306FXLs