Pierce County, WI Tax Structure
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The Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery

Ellsworth Dairy Cooperative is based in the Heart of Wisconsin's Dairyland in the town of Ellsworth, Wisconsin, and was proclaimed the "Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin " by Governor Anthony S. Earl in 1984. Our 450 proud dairy farm family owners live near Ellsworth, throughout Wisconsin, and into Minnesota.

Tax Structure

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Pierce County Govt Taxation

Wisconsin's business tax structure offers several advantages relative to our neighboring state of Minnesota along with a range of exemptions and incentives to encourage ongoing capital investment.  We will be glad to provide a specific projection and two-state comparison customized to your project parameters for your review with your tax advisor.

  Wisconsin Minnesota
Corporate Income Tax Rate 7.9% 9.8%
Alternative Minimum Tax none 5.8% rate
Property Tax (state average, commercial/industrial) $22 per thousand $33 per thousand
Manufacturing machinery & equipment taxation exempt taxable
Sales & Use tax rate:    
State: 5.00% 6.50%
County option rate: 0.50% 0.01% to 9.0%
Local option: none .50% to 1.0 %
Sales tax treatment for manufacturing equipment: EXEMPT refund mechanism
Unemployment compensation rate base: $13,000 $25,000
Unemployment compensation rate range: 0.05% -- 9.8% 0.4% -- 9.3%
Workers’ compensation, average rate per $100 $4.93 $8.11 


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