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Walker addresses the Wisconsin Economic Development Association Governor’s Conference

Friday, March 23, 2018

MADISON – Governor Scott Walker attended the Wisconsin Economic Development Association (WEDA) Governor’s Conference on Feb. 1 to discuss rural economic development, workforce development, and job creation.

“We must continue to develop our workforce to meet the needs of the modern economy especially since we have more people working than ever before with record low unemployment,” said Governor Walker. “As part of our Ambitious Agenda for 2018, we are proposing investments in our rural communities through our Rural Economic Development Fund and in workforce development through our Career Creator Program. We are focused on developing our workforce in order to continue moving our state forward to prepare Wisconsinites for today’s and tomorrow’s economy.”

To ensure that more small businesses succeed in the rural parts of the state, Governor Walker has proposed allocating $50 million towards the creation of a Rural Economic Development Fund. The fund will support the development and expansion of small businesses in rural areas and assist in training more people to fill positions being created by rural employers.

As part of his Wisconsin Workforce Agenda, Governor Walker has planned to use $20 million to establish a new Wisconsin Career Creator program on campuses all over the state. The workforce development plan would expand dual enrollment programs and provide training and education scholarships for the Wisconsin Technical College System and an upskilling initiative.

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