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Pierce County textile artist, former winner Small Business Of The Year recipient co-authors Rug Money How A Group Of Maya Women Changed Their Lives Through Art and Innovation describing her work with Maya women in Guatemala.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

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Mary Anne Wise of rural Maiden Rock Township and her co-author Cheryl Conway Daly of Cato, New York, offer a poignant memoir of their 8 year long journey working with Maya women in the highlands of Guatemala. Recognizing the dire need for more income-generating opportunities, Wise, an accomplished textile artist volunteered to teach a weekend long rug-hooking class. What follows is a surprising and heartening story about artistry, creative economies, and how access to opportunity truly does change lives. 

In Rug Money’s moving narrative, Mary Anne describes how she created a curriculum for teaching art and design based on her Maya students’ needs and abilities, while honoring their culture. The most compelling parts of this book are brought to life through the women’s personal narratives when they describe the changes in their self-perception as they become successful artists. 

You can purchase this book off of the Cultural Cloth website following this link, as well as many other beautiful rugs, linens, unique furniture, hand crafted jewelry, and many other wonderful things created by women all over the globe. 

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