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Downtown Prescott adds new restaurant in Lucille's

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Prescott residents and visitors will soon have another food option in town, but that comes with a transition. One door closes, another one opens, as the saying goes.

Kimberly Braun Lucille's

Kimberly Braun plans to open Lucille's where the Brickyard Pub and Eatery is currently located at 216 Broad St. The Brickyard served its last meal Saturday, March 10. Braun said she plans to open Lucille's by April 3.

The name Lucille is one that is very close to Braun's heart.

"Lucille is my maternal grandmother's name," Braun said. "She worked in the kitchen and my grandfather was a chef. She passed when I was a kid and it was a huge loss for me."

Braun said she has been in Prescott for 14 years and is looking forward to bringing another option to the local scene. She is excited to be part of the community as a bar and restaurant owner.

"I want to provide community aspect," Braun said. "Everyone knows each other and staff."

While Braun hasn't owned her own restaurant and bar before, she has many years of experience in the restaurant business.

"I've been in the restaurant business close to 30 years," Braun said. "I've opened more than 20 different restaurants."

Most recently her work has been at Treasure Island Resort & Casino.

"I am currently the executive front of the house manager for Treasure Island," Braun said. "I worked closely with the director of food and beverage to assist in overseeing the other food outlets at TI."

Her job at Treasure Island provided Braun with a variety of experiences.

"I was instrumental in setting up training programs and was participating in building a new guest service program," Braun said. "Various other duties as well. For a large part of my time I was the manager of the banquet and catering department and Tado, the fine dining steak house. I recently finished filling in at Tradewinds buffet as the manager as well."

However, Braun felt it was time to do something new.

"I've taken [current job] as far as I can, wanted to roll dice and see what I could do," Braun said about opening Lucille's. "I wanted to try something different. I'm ready to put my own ideas to work and see how it goes."

One of the things Braun said she will offer at Lucille's is a later option to get food.

"[Lucille's will] offer food until midnight," Braun said. "For people who work different shifts there's nowhere to get food so we will be open until midnight."

She said they will also bring new food choices to the area. She hopes to offer more ethnic foods and creative sandwiches.

"I would like to introduce some new [food items] slowly," Braun said. "[That way people] don't have to go to the Cities to get options."

Braun is already planning ahead for the future.

"We will eventually do nightly specials," Braun said. "Trying to offer community something a little bit different."

As Braun looks at starting her business, she is planning to spend time with the Brickyard Pub and Eatery staff to learn the set up they have.

"I would like to retain as many staff members [from Brickyard Pub and Eatery] as I can," Braun said.

One of the new faces at the restaurant will be Chef Greg Schmotzer, who has been working with Braun at Treasure Island. He will be making the move to Lucille's, bringing with him a total of 25 years of experience as a chef at Treasure Island.

Being a part of a community she already knows and providing a place for community members to enjoy a good meal is something Braun looks forward to.

"It's kind of like 'Cheers;' everyone know, your name," Braun said about being in Prescott. "I've had a lot of really great experiences with the people in town."

Since Braun has lived in Prescott the last 14 years, she is aware of winter being a slower time for restaurants, but is already thinking of fun ways to bring people in.

"We are gonna be changing," Braun said about their restaurant. "We want to set apart. Keep an eye on us; you never know what to expect."

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