Pierce County Finance Options

Finance Options

One of the greatest challenges to lasting business success is to find the right capital structure for the venture. Navigating the alphabet soup of private and public sector programs can be daunting, even to those with extensive finance expertise.  Let us help you in this challenge.  Pierce County is blessed with many experienced and creative commercial lenders, a regional angel investment group & a branch to the Regional Business Fund.  Several of Pierce County’s municipalities have active Tax Increment Finance districts through which new infrastructure improvements can be financed. 

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The program offers financing primarily to small businesses that have limited access to standard types of debt or equity financing, particularly, but not limited to, rural areas of the state...
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Category: Regional Business Assistance

The Regional Business Fund, Inc., (RBF, Inc.) is a non-profit economic development corporation whose purpose is to promote business and economic development in west central Wisconsin. The RBF, Inc. offer...
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Category: Regional Business Assistance

Wisconsin is well known for our manufacturing leadership. And because innovations in this industry continue to create a competitive advantage for our state, we provide specific incentives to manufacturers t...
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Category: Manufacturing, Agriculture, Dunn County

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The UW-River Falls Horticulture Program

Students majoring in horticulture prepare for careers in landscaping, fruit, vegetable, turfgrass, interior plantscaping, golf course, woody ornamentals, greenhouse, and related industries.